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5 Winter Fitness Ideas to Keep You Out of the House and In Shape

If you live in an area that experiences a change in weather with the seasons, chances are you find yourself staying inside more and more in the winter. With daylight savings time and the winter solstice, many working individuals find themselves strapped for free time while the sun is out on weekdays.

Making a Change: Get in Your Head

You are not alone if you are not in the mood to work out or be active during the winter. It’s cold, the wind is blowing and if you live far enough north, there’s snow or ice on the ground. A lack of sunlight can literally be depressing. Fear not, however! Here’s a list of 5 winter activities that will surely keep you on your feet. Ditch the dull, gray overcast skies and join in on the enjoyable ways you can make a change this winter.

Winter Tips for Staying in the Mood to Exercise

  1. Strap your snow shoes on, and go for a hike.
    While it may be windy or slippery outside, give yourself a chance to appreciate the wondrous beauty of snow-covered trees, laid bare by the winter winds and conditions that have been banishing you to inside the house. Look out for signs of wildlife– the footprints of a rabbit, the sound of birds overhead– you are not the only one out, but luckily you can reward yourself with the warmth of your beverage of choice once you return.
  2. Remember your childhood? Find a sled, and get going!
    Wintertime activities of your childhood don’t have to be left in the dust– if you’re still nimble enough to make the much-hated return trip back to the top of your favorite hill, give it a shot! While dangerous when collisions with others nearby may threaten to ruin the fun, remember to enjoy yourself and have a good time.
  3. Collect Firewood
    Yes, this doesn’t have to be a chore! Bundle up and begin hunting for fuel for a relaxing fire. With trees devoid of leaves, you may find them right at your feet. Coniferous trees such as the pine do not lose their signs of life during the winter, but they do drop needles throughout the year. If they are not covered in snow or otherwise rendered wet, they make great fuel for starting a fire. Give it a shot! Larger wood, such as logs may prompt you to begin collecting in a wheelbarrow or other receptacle for the sake of your arms and back.
  4. Train for a Holiday 5K Race
    Chances are, your area has a holiday 5K race or other event to get you on your feet. Foster a feeling of community while possibly working toward a good cause, all while motivating yourself in the name of the holidays, perhaps marked by the kookiness that can only accompany them. Have fun, and feel free to find your favorite festive attire to train in and be seen!
  5. Find a Reason for a Change of Season: Take a Vacation
    While not practical for the purposes of finding a repetitive routine, if you live in a warmer climate à la Florida or California, pick a wintry destination, perhaps a ski lodge or less extreme, a nearby city with an ice skating rink. If you live in the North, perhaps those very same states may be tempting for some more mild weather, complete with a trip to the beach or even outdoor shopping among boutiques without fear of having to wear a coat.

Conclusion: Keep it Up, Keep it Off

With the new year fast approaching, surely many people are keen to get a head start to keeping weight off after ceremoniously gorging on holiday sweets and treats. Get your head in gear, and your body moving. Try new ideas to keep yourself entertained and the stress away. Whatever you do, be sure to find something that works for you, and keep up with it. Pick a time that works for you, and pair it with an activity. Put it in writing, and get going! Happy holidays from!